Vitality Shower System

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Our Vitality Shower Head System helps to improve the feel of your skin by removing chlorine and metals from the water AND also reduces the amount of water used, without impacting it's power.

So, whether you're interested in taking a healthy shower or if it's water conservation that's important, this does the trick.

Water consumption is reduced by up to 30% compared to a standard shower.

The negative ionic balls, help remove chlorine and will purify the water.

This helps your skin with improved mineral nutrient absorption, reduces oil secretion and increases cell vitality.

The laser perforated technology not only saves water, but it also increases the pressure by up to 200%, giving you a more powerful and massage like shower.

With 3 different shower settings you really do get a fantastic experience with the Vitality Shower System©.

Eco friendly material is used in a cool looking, transparent design.



UK: 2 to 7 Working Days
Others: 9 to 14 Working Days


Specifications / Features: 

Shower Head 80 x 210mm

Weight 240g

Standard Fitting of 20mm