Trampoline Mist Jets

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Kids and Parents, are loving the jumping fun with these Trampoline Mist Jets.

The fun of the water park, but at home.

Also great to just have on the garden or on a washing line....the fun is endless!

Just place the piping around the outside of the trampoline netting, and jump in for more fun than ever on a trampoline.

Comes with a pack of long cable ties to ensure a safe fixing is available.


Available in a length of 12m, meaning they'll fit pretty much all size trampolines.

Piping is placed around the OUTSIDE of the netting for added safety.

Best results with shorter hose pipe and good water pressure.

Do not pull ties too tight as this will restrict water flow.

Pictures for illustration purposes only. Your water height and amount will depend on your water flow at home.


UK: 10 to 14 Working Days
USA: 10 to 15 Working Days
Others: 12 to 18 Working Days