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Put a smile on their face with RoboCar. It transforms from a sports car to a Robot with just one click, with bright flashing lights and music. Definitely a WOW moment!

They’ll be amazed just how cool it is, especially when it transforms in an instant.

What can RoboCar do?

Our Transforming Car can be controlled through the remote control (provided). Use the joystick to make it drift and to walk -forwards, backwards and even sideways!

A single click transforms the car to a robot and vice versa. Simple & cool!

Cool Moves & Sounds

Race around the battlefield in both car and robot forms, transforming on the move.

RoboCar™ boasts 360° speed drifting action with exciting acceleration sound effects. 

All the kids in the local area will be wanting one, especially when they see the LED lights.

Remote Control System

It has a 2.4 GHz Transmitter system which gives you 30-40 meters of distance control. It charges fully in 1 hour.

Perfect for a trip down to the nearest park to show off some cool moves with RoboCar™, the ultimate Transformer Car of 2020!

Treat your little one (OR YOURSELF) to hours of fun with a RoboCar™ this year. 


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