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Reusable Cotton Buds

ReBud is the sustainable alternative to those old style plastic cotton buds.

It's fully reusable for beauty and sanitary purposes and offers a more eco-friendly solution compared to the never ending flow of single use items filling our oceans.


One for make-up and another for cleansing.

If you were to use just 3 cotton buds / Q-Tips per day, that's over 1,000 a year that end up in the waste mountains and oceans.

With ReBud, you can easily adjust make-up, cleanse your face and keep your ears clean.



Who Can Use Them?

Women, Men, Kids (we recommend supervision if under 13).

Make-Up ReBud: With soft round buds and a precision tip for the finer detail needed around your lips and eyes, ReBud certainly won't let you down during your beauty regime.

Standard ReBud: Looking to remove more stubborn marks or keep your ears clean? Standard ReBud is contoured to the right level to ensure a gentle, yet efficient clean.

Easy Clean: When you've finished, give it a wipe or put some soap and water on it, pop it in the case and it's ready to use again.

Note: Not intended for deep inner clean of ears. Please only use for cleaning of the outer parts of the ear as per photos and video.


Make Up Pack: 2 Double Ended Buds + 1 Case


Carry Case: 10 x 3 x 1.5cm

ReBud Length: 7.2cm


We are PROUD, that ReBud is part of the SOLUTION our planet needs and sincerely hope you join us on the journey.