Pro-Stunt Plane

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Everyone loves our ProStunt Plane as you can all get out together to have fun. Seeing the kids have fun away from a smart phone, tablet or television is priceless these days.

Keeps everyone entertained, EVEN THE PARENTS!


This flying toy, floats like a eagle on the wind and goes on crazy loops. Take the loop challenge to see who can do the most!


Buy a double pack, SAVE MONEY and fly them together.

Easy to assemble and can be taken apart and packed away when needed. 


Small: 35cm Width (Discontinued)

Large: 48cm Width



Suggested Age: From 6 to 106 Years 

DOUBLE PACKS: Both planes are same colour.


Instructions for use:

For straight flights, use bottom wing slot at rear. For looped flights, use upper wing slot at rear.

More than robust enough for flights and crash landings (and you will have lots), but if you stand on it, kick it, bend it or force it out of a tree, it will probably get damaged. We do NOT replace planes broken during play.

Assembly Instructions:

Take care to ensure adults assemble and disassemble the glider. This includes the changing of the wing position for loop flights. We all know how kids pull hard when they should push gently.

When fixing wings, it is important to take care and use 2 fingers to hold the body of the plane and the other hand to GENTLY guide wing through gap. 


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