Pet Hair Roller Brush

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With this roller, you can pick up the hair, bin it, then use the roller again....and again....and again....without having to replace anything or buy any extra sticky tubes!

In a few, very satisfying sweeps, the double headed roller picks up the hair, deposits it inside the internal storage and picks up the next lot of hair.

Forget those old style lint rollers, that you have to keep replacing, or adding extra sticky bits to!! They cost a fortune in the end and just don't do the job.

You can use it to clean up after Dogs, Cats Rabbits and even Horse hair. (Not sure what a horse is doing on you sofa, but hey).


Can be used to excellent effect on many surfaces, such as cotton linen, sofas, couches, bedding, carpets, rugs, blankets, various clothing and even car upholstery.

EASY CLEAN: You DO NOT need to clean this every time you use it, as it works by using the static of your roll and then depositing the hair / fur into the rear of the roller.

All you need to do is empty it when it gets full. You can just give it a quick wipe or run it under the tap for a few seconds if there are stubborn hairs on it.


Our pets give us love, fun, attention, exercise and of course.......HAIR EVERYWHERE!

1 YEAR WARRANTY: We are so confident you will be amazed by this, that we are happy to replace it within 12 months of purchase IF it doesn't fully satisfy your needs. (Usual 14 Day Returns policy still applies).