Microwave Food Steamer

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Our 2 Tier Microwave Steamer, is the perfect way to create healthy meals in just minutes. No more oil, grease or boiling hot pans.

Suitable for fish, vegetables or any other food that can be steamed.

The microwave steamer, keeps you safe and locks in the goodness of your food, ensuring you get a safe and healthy meal.

You can cook 1 or 2 meals at the same time.

No more standing over the hot stove, cooking veg separately in boiling water. No more struggles with straining your food from hot pots and pans. Just add water to the bottom tray, pop it in the microwave and let is steam.

Steam release vent for added safety.

Microwave & Dishwasher safe.

Free from BPA

Size: Width 20.5cm x Height 16cm


UK: 4 to 6 Working Days
.Europe: 12 to 14 Working Days