Magnetic Fidget Rings

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Helps with Focus

Are you back at work OR school? Has the stress started to mount up again?

Help relieve your stress with magnetic rings and immediately feel yourself calm down.



Buy a DOUBLE pack and SAVE money

Simply wear the rings and turn with your fingertips OR go trick crazy for fun.

Focused fidgeting actually distracts part of the brain from deep thought and logical processing of information. By introducing a more controlled and fun fidget, the brain is allowed to get on with what it needs to do.

When the fidget spinner was released, there was no scientific evidence that it helped with daily stress, anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the feedback was quite clear.....IT DOES HELP!


So, whether you use the Magnetic Fidget Rings for fun or for relaxing, it's clear that fidget toys are still cool.

Note: If you order a double pack (6), they are sent as 2 separate packs of 3.

Suggested Age: 8 Years and Over


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