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Thousands of people become a victim of identity fraud EVERYDAY! In 2019, the UK reported 24% of people were affected by it.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, ID fraud has increased by a massive 56%.

Are You One of Them?

We Can Help!

Our ID SMART Roller, takes away the worry. Strategically placed, special size letters, roll across your personal details on paperwork and help to keep your identity protected.

What's ID Fraud?

Identity fraud is the use of a stolen identity to obtain goods or services by deception.

The first you learn of ID fraud could be MONTHS later, when get have letters from debt collectors, or get a knock at the door.

Fraudsters can use your identity to:

  • open a bank account
  • obtain credit cards, loans and state benefits
  • order goods in your name
  • take over your existing accounts
  • take out a mobile phone contract
  • obtain genuine documents, such as passports and driving licences.

Most ID fraud comes from paperwork that we throw away without thinking. Many ID's are actually stolen from paperwork that you already CUT UP into small pieces.

And in the most terrible cases, it only comes to light when a family is tidying up the estate of a dearly departed loved one.


Note: Each ID SMART Roller is already filled with ink, but we also have extra tubes available. Styles may vary slightly.

Don't Delay...

Take your identity as serious as the criminals do and protect it TODAY.


UK: 9 to 13 Working Days

USA: 10 to 14 Working Days

Others: 12 to 16 Working Days