Hangy Hooks

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Not Enough Space?

Try These...

Hangy Hooks SAVE SPACE by keeping all your clothes on one row, helping to keep them neat, uncreased & easier to find!

Works well with; metal hook, plastic & velvet hangers.



No more creased t-shirts because you crammed them all into the draws

Keep all styles of clothes in one place...trousers with trousers, blouses with blouses OR put a complete outfit all in one hanging set.

PLUS it means you don't need to put your older clothes in the loft only to be forgotten, or worse.....THROWN OUT!!

Simple & Effective

Just add 1,2,3 or even 6 Hangy Hooks onto a hanger, then pop your other hangers on to each hook one at a time.


5 Hangy Hooks = Hangs 6 items

50 Hangy Hooks = Hangs 60 Items 😮