Pet Shower System

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  • Don’t you just love getting the mud off them! Trying to hold them with one hand and shower them with the other....we need 3 hands really!
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  • Well, now we use this Pet Shower Brush©, it’s an easy and fun experience. You can scrub and shower them at the same time.
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  • Reduces the amount of water, shampoo and time needed to clean them after muddy walks.
  • Unique Glove Shape
  • Having the slim and flexible sprayer in your palm, makes it easier to control them and wash them with both hands.
  • Full Coverage Water Comb
  • Gives maximum cleaning power and penetration of thick fur, with a targeted spray for gentle cleaning of more tender areas.
Easy to Use
The handheld sprayer has a 7.5 feet long hose and 2 adapters for a standard size faucets.
One Size Fits All
Professional grade, with a contoured shape which is designed to wash dogs of all sizes and breeds.  The shower massage brush can be easily used with other animals such as cats, horses and rabbits.



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