Rapid Defrost Plate

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Have you ever forgotten to take your food out of the freezer? Yes, so have we!

Whether you forgot to take it out, or just decided on a last minute meal, our Rapid Defrost Plate can thaw your food 10 times faster than leaving it at room temperature.


No electricity, no chemicals, no microwave, no heating, just crazy magic....... Actually no magic either, just a high quality and safe thermal conductive tray.

Ideal for thawing chicken breasts, steak, pork / lamb chops, burgers, sausages and even frozen vegetables, fruit and bread. 

Depending on the thickness of meat, thawing will take an average time between 30 and 60 minutes to fully defrost.

Much faster than leaving it in the fridge to defrost overnight, (takes up to 24 hours), or leaving it out all day at room temperature, which can take up to 10 hours.

The outer ridge will also prevent food juices from spilling onto your kitchen worktop.

HOW TO CLEAN: Just give it a wipe over or add to your bowl with washing up liquid.

Approx size: 36 x 20cm



UK:~ 5 to 7 Working Days
USA:~ 10 to 12 Working Days
Europe:~ 9 to 11 Working Days