Bendy Brush

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Say NO to those old toilet brushes that gather......well, you know what!

Bendy Brush is more hygienic and reaches the parts other brushes can't get to.

4 Pack Saver Bundle

Made from a high quality antibacterial silicone, it's durable and well sized to fit in the spaces under the rim, between the seat edge and behind the toilet.

Easy Clean

The brush holder is equipped with a removable water base and a separate ventilation chamber to allow fast drying and easy cleaning.

Space Saving

Can be wall mounted with the self adhesive hooks or free standing.


The Bendy Brush head is soft and flexible, but made from none wearing antibacterial silicone, making it the number one toilet brush in the UK.


If you prefer it on the wall, not the floor, then just clean the wall, add the self adhesive hooks, leave to dry and add the base.