BBQ Grill Sheet

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Fed up of food sticking to the grill OR EVEN WORSE, falling through into the coals?

Our non-stick sheets stop these things from happening and still keeps the beautiful, smokey look and flavour of a BBQ.


Now you can cook the perfect egg, grill some bacon or add cheese to your burgers without it falling into the coals.

Perfect for Ovens

100% NON-STICK: Allows you to BBQ without any extra grease being added and stops the food sticking to the grill.

REUSABLE: When you've finished using them, just give them a clean and put them away ready to use again and again.

TRADITIONAL BBQ LOOK: Our sheets are thick enough to be durable, but thin enough to still give the traditional grilled look of BBQ food.

FITS ANY BBQ: Perfect for any style or shape BBQ. Got a round BBQ? No problem, just cut to shape and start using. Got a LARGE BBQ? Just use 2 sheets to cover a bigger area.

HOW TO CLEAN: You can either pop it in the dishwasher or give it a wipe over.

SAFE TO USE: Heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Only PFOA Free material is used and has been certified as safe by the FDA.

SIZE: Approx 40cm x 33cm



UK:~ 9 to 13 Working Days
USA:~ 12 to 14 Working Days
Europe:~ 10 to 14 Working Days